My Cozy Bedroom & Small Patio!

This my cozy guest bedroom. My old apartment was very rustic so I took a lot of those elements and tried to modernize them without having to buy everything brand new. This rug is the softest and most plush you will find, it’s from Costco! Wall decor, pillows and antlers are all found at The Painted Lady. And the basket of extra blankets are all from Anthropolgie. This light fixture is one I’ve had for years. I bought the chandelier and wire basket seperate from Arhaus and wired them together myself for a more rustic look. Cleaning those crystals is a bit of a chore, but it’s still totally worth it!
The outdoor spaces in the city are almost always tiny, so I knew I would have to make the most of my small patio. My boyfriend (@JordanCornette) loves Buddha’s. He believes they bring good luck and good karma to a home so I started with a cement buddha. To not only make him happy, but also because I agree with his theory and this guy was just too cute (I found him at a garden store in South Carolina). The patio furniture (by Agio) is modern without being harsh. I love the dark wicker against the light wood deck and neutral cushions. The pillows and rug are both by Target. I needed a pop of color because my home is mostly neutral and white, I wanted the outdoor space to have something vibrant. And finally the large boxwood tree and flower baskets are by Christy Webber ( The baskets include fresh herbs and citronella adding a pop of color while still being practical is key!